DYD 012 – Get Your Money Right w/ Jarmar Dupas

Today I interview the Money Misfit, Jarmar Dupas. Jarmar is the host of one of the best Financial Empowerment podcasts you will find, The Get Your Money Right Podcast. We cover topics such as entrepreneurship, big financial mistakes and the concept of living on last month’s income.

3:02 – Who is Jarmar Dupas?
9:33 – Talking about money with your family growing up.
13:16 – How other cultures talk about money.
18:15 – Financial Mistakes
28:40 – Jarmar’s budgeting process with his Wife
40:22 – Last month’s income concept
46:28 – Teaching your kids about money
52:22 – Book recommendations from Jarmar

Where you can find Jarmar:
Twitter: @JarmarDupas
Website: http://yourmoneyright.com
Podcast: http://apple.co/2yyOAgp

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